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Connecting the Local World

  • Engage with the activity happening in your current location

  • Share directly with the community around you

  • Find local business that share through Pinocal

  • Keep track of your own activity

  • Discover specific details about your Local Businesses


  • Local Platform

    Pinocal is a platform that connects you and the local ecosystem. Giving you the freedom to share anything with anyone.

  • Noticeboard

    Your Noticeboard will display posts with in a 5km radius of your current location. Showing only what’s around you.

  • Local Business

    Know what people are saying about local business. Stay up to date with local deals and specials.

  • Customise

    Pinocal allows for Personalisation. Choose from a range of categories such as food, local news, local deals etc. to create a unique experience.

  • Sharing

    Sharing is made easier through the use of categories. These categories help your post reach the intended audience.

  • Posts

    Every post you create will stay in the same location you posted it. Any user with in a 5km radius can view it.